Copyright laws protect creative works including music, movies, photographs, books, written articles, computer programs, websites, artwork, and fabric print designs. The individuals or businesses that create these works spent their time, energy, and financial resources to develop their creation and through copyright they are awarded exclusive control and distribution of their work.

As long as artists, craft workers, and designers continue making new works there will always be those who will unlawfully copy, distribute, and use these works without permission or without paying for them. In this modern digital era many creative works can easily be copied in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

Copyright infringement is a serious offence involving the theft of intellectual property created by an individual or a business. Those who willfully violate United States copyright laws, including the Copyright Act of 1976 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can face substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences.

Intellectual property owners have powerful tools to protect their rights and prevent the theft of their works. Copyright litigation is often necessary to stop infringement through injunctive orders and to financially compensate the copyright holders for the theft of their intellectual property. The Yonsei Law Firm works directly with its clients to determine the most effective strategy to aggressively defend their intellectual property rights.

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